Much needed rain

The gathering room is perfect for any day, any weather.

The last three days have brought much needed rain to the Manchester, Vt area. I could feel the earth gaining back its vitality, getting ready for a growth spurt. With the right balance of rain and sun, nature thrives.

Our guests at Ormsby Hill took the downpours in stride, one minute sitting outside on the patio eating cheese, fruit and cookies, the next, sipping tea in the living room. Other guests made themselves at home in the gathering room, testing out the lemon cooler cookies I’ve been trying to perfect. Even the old board games came out, and it really felt like home.

The reputation of this property speaks of its beauty and elegance. These last few rainy days have shown that it is also a comfortable, friendly, happy place, where guests can put their feet up and chill.

I’m not sure what kind of weather is coming this week, but we and guests alike can just go with the flow and not worry about it. It will all be fine.

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