After one month of innkeeping, we are finally moving in

Before we could comfortably move into our owner’s quarters at the inn, we needed something to move out. It was a collection of approximately 100 year old taxidermy specimens perched on the walls and ceiling beams of our living area. According to the previous owner, they were historic to the house, and thus belonged there. I just could not warm up to sharing our space with those guys. We had yet to begin researching relocation possibilities, when Rocky appeared at our door bearing glass tops for our new dining tables. Being acquainted with the property, he knew about the creatures and asked if they were still there. Yoshio told him we were trying to find them a new home, and Rocky offered to take them. On Saturday the move was completed. Thank you Rocky and family. Your respectful removal of the elk and birds assures us they will be in good hands. That very day, with the help of our daughter Kelly, we began setting up our new home.

The birds in our owner's quarters

The elk after it was removed from our living room

The eagle in need of a good cleaning

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