Surviving Foliage; Feeling Grateful

Yoshio and I completed the first right of passage for innkeepers in Vermont – foliage season.

Leaves began changing colors in early October

We are tired, we are proud, but mostly we are grateful. Grateful to our wonderful staff for working so hard, day after day with their signature cheerfulness, professionalism, and good will. Grateful to our guests, who came for pleasure, and also gave us great pleasure and great company. Grateful for the Manchester, VT community of inns, restaurants, and shops, who offered support and advice when we needed it most. Grateful for our service providers, especially our plumber and electrician. We are also grateful for the spirit and energy of this amazing house and property, the catalyst for all these connections.

Fire sky at dawn

There is no time to rest because another season of inn keeping is beginning. Fireplaces, snow, holiday tours, winter food, and cozy, warm spaces are our challenges and our stage to work some innkeeper magic.

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