It’s Time To Think About The Small Things; Maple Butter and Paper Cups

Maple butter

Yoshio and I were wondering how we would switch gears after an insanely busy six weeks. We didn’t have to worry because nature nudged us to a solution. It’s getting chilly here in Southern Vermont. I want to spend time in the kitchen, puttering. Puttering inspires creative tweaking. Creative tweaking leads to tastier, more efficiently prepared food. For instance, making and serving maple butter with our Japanese milk bread is both yummier and more efficient than serving one bowl of cut butter and one bowl of jelly. It is also way more Vermonty. Another idea that came to fruition in the last week is healthy homemade maple sausage, half ground turkey and half ground pork. Our taste-tester guests gave both the thumbs up.

Yoshio has also spent some time being creative. How do we keep enough ceramic mugs in the dining room while encouraging guests to use the Keurig machine and the instant hot water dispenser for tea and cocoa? He (with the help of our daughter, Kelly) designed an Ormsby Hill take out cup. They are a big hit, and a stress buster for us.

Ormsby Hill take out cups

We are both looking forward to the ebbs and flows of inn keeping; finding the balance between doing and thinking.

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