Our Etch A Sketch Artists

A guest leaving an Etch A Sketch drawing is still a random act at Ormsby Hill, but it is one of the most exciting events. Every room at the inn has an Etch A Sketch, and mostly it is ignored or erased before the guests leave. Occasionally, though, a masterpiece is propped up on the mantle, or casually left on the coffee table. We reverentially admire the drawing, applaud the artist, and reminisce about our artful attempts in the olden days. We take a picture with our iphone, and then someone has to shake the drawing away because the next check-in is expected soon. All that work gone in a few flicks of the wrist…so sad.

Here for your enjoyment (get ready to be amazed) is a photo collection of Etch A Sketch art made by our guests since July 11, 2012.

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  1. hi diane and yoshio, i love your etch-a-sketch idea! the examples you have posted look magnificent. it’s a pity that no one leaves comments on your blog, but i’m glad to be the first!

    we miss you down here, love from erin and nigel

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