And So Begins April at Ormsby Hill…


Welcoming you, and welcoming spring to Ormsby Hill

Welcoming you, and welcoming spring to Ormsby Hill


April is a pivotal month in Northern New England.  We are so ready for a new season, we catalog all the changes just to make sure it’s true:  snow is melting, robins are back, days are longer, the sun IS  warmer, check, check, check.  Optimism is on the rise.  Weather related small talk is happy; no one grumbles about warmer days.

It’s a good thing we are energized because there is a lot of work setting things straight after this damaging winter.   Fence posts are tilting crazily, if still standing; gravel from the driveway is now part of the lawn, and our plants are frozen in the earth.  We need to get ready in April so we can burst into outdoor living in May, and the glory months of summer and fall.

That’s what’s happening at Ormsby Hill this month.  Wishing you all the joy and anticipation I am feeling right now.


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