Two Year Anniversary at Ormsby Hill

garden path

Friday, July 11 is our 2 year anniversary as owners of Ormsby Hill.  It seems we have been here a lot longer than that, especially when we try to recount all the changes we have made – big and small.  What we never wanted to change, and never will, is the character of this inn, this home. Every day we marvel at the beauty and strength inherent in this home.  We are trusted keepers (we know the house has accepted us) of the property, as well as keepers of your stay with us.  Everything ties together, as do all things in life.

Today I was thinking about our gardens (haha, no surprise there), and how I might describe their significance to anyone who asked if they had special meaning.  They do.  Every thought we have, every word we speak, every action we take adds something to the collective consciousness  of our world.  These gardens were made with love, hope, and acceptance:  my love for plants, my hope that they will grow and fulfill my expectations, and my acceptance that many things are beyond my control.

This, I believe, is also how we can describe our inn keeping over the last two years.  We love Ormsby Hill, we hope to fulfill our potential and your expectations, and we accept that we cannot control your experience.


Garden path

Garden path


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