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In a relatively low-budget independent film called, “What Bleep Do We Know?” (2004), the main character, Amanda, played by Marlee Matlin, goes down to the subway station and notices a woman on the platform showing photos of water crystals taken by Dr. Masaru Emoto. She explains that, from beautiful words and music come beautiful crystals and from mean-spirited, negative words, come malformed and misshapen crystals.

Dr. Emoto published these results in a photograph collection book titled “Message from Water 1” (1999). He reported that the combination of non-resonating vibrations can result in destructive energy and nothing can be created from it. When vibrations resonate with each other, it always creates a beautiful design, thus most of the earth is covered with beautiful nature. He first observed this phenomenon when he froze the water from pristine rivers and lakes from the country side and compared it to frozen city water. He was able to see beautiful crystals from water from the country, but nothing formed from the city water. He took photographs of the water crystals that were formed by water from different places and found similar patterns.


He further tested his theory by examining the shape of crystal created from water that was exposed to kind and beautiful words, like “I like you” and “I love you” and compared them to water that was exposed to hostile and ugly words. For each of these experiments, he used water that was distilled twice for hospital use to eliminate any chance of pre-existing conditions. The results were astonishing.

Although Dr. Emoto’s findings are considered pseudoscience and none of his claims were scientifically proven, the notion that beautiful sound waves (and thoughts as energy waves) could be absorbed into water and create resonance that results in a beautiful water crystal is romantic. If you imagine that infinite number of combination of waves absorbed into water molecules, creating an unique resonance signature in a particular space, at a particular time, it makes sense that we never see two identical snow crystals.

The implication of this idea is intriguing if you remember that the adult human body is approximately 70% water (90% for infant babies). We are constantly surrounded by waves of sound, light and colors, smell, heat, and energy, which are all vibrations creating resonance within us.
Our thoughts and emotions are constantly affected by these waves and we create our own cocktails of energy waves that affect others around us. You know your mood affect your family and people you work closely with, but your thoughts affect them just as much.


When we listen to a truly moving performance by an artist who can emote such an overwhelming feeling beyond her technical deliberation, we get emotional and our eyes well up with tear. Is that resonance we are feeling inside? We also know that when you share a happy occasion with other people, it increases the happiness you are feeling but also make others happy too. The happy energy oscillate with greater amplitude when resonance is created among the people who are sharing that moment with the same frequency. Happiness is contagious because it resonates. We experience resonance all the time. Perhaps, Dr. Emoto’s claim is not that far fetched.

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