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Two Year Anniversary at Ormsby Hill

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

garden path

Friday, July 11 is our 2 year anniversary as owners of Ormsby Hill.  It seems we have been here a lot longer than that, especially when we try to recount all the changes we have made – big and small.  What we never wanted to change, and never will, is the character of this inn, this home. Every day we marvel at the beauty and strength inherent in this home.  We are trusted keepers (we know the house has accepted us) of the property, as well as keepers of your stay with us.  Everything ties together, as do all things in life.

Today I was thinking about our gardens (haha, no surprise there), and how I might describe their significance to anyone who asked if they had special meaning.  They do.  Every thought we have, every word we speak, every action we take adds something to the collective consciousness  of our world.  These gardens were made with love, hope, and acceptance:  my love for plants, my hope that they will grow and fulfill my expectations, and my acceptance that many things are beyond my control.

This, I believe, is also how we can describe our inn keeping over the last two years.  We love Ormsby Hill, we hope to fulfill our potential and your expectations, and we accept that we cannot control your experience.


Garden path

Garden path


And So Begins April at Ormsby Hill…

Friday, April 4th, 2014


Welcoming you, and welcoming spring to Ormsby Hill

Welcoming you, and welcoming spring to Ormsby Hill


April is a pivotal month in Northern New England.  We are so ready for a new season, we catalog all the changes just to make sure it’s true:  snow is melting, robins are back, days are longer, the sun IS  warmer, check, check, check.  Optimism is on the rise.  Weather related small talk is happy; no one grumbles about warmer days.

It’s a good thing we are energized because there is a lot of work setting things straight after this damaging winter.   Fence posts are tilting crazily, if still standing; gravel from the driveway is now part of the lawn, and our plants are frozen in the earth.  We need to get ready in April so we can burst into outdoor living in May, and the glory months of summer and fall.

That’s what’s happening at Ormsby Hill this month.  Wishing you all the joy and anticipation I am feeling right now.


April – Vacation Month for Vermont Inn Keepers

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

April is a quiet time for inn keepers in Southern Vermont. The ski slopes closed, and mud season/stick season has not yet given way to spring greenery. Yoshio and I took advantage of this lull, and went to San Francisco for our first bonding visit with Owen, our grandson.

Diane with Owen Kai, 10 weeks old

Diane with Owen Kai, 10 weeks old

Yoshio relaxing with Owen

Yoshio relaxing with Owen

It was heartbreaking to leave Owen, Lisa, and Jesse, but our return to Ormsby Hill couldn’t have been better. Green grass, clear blue skies, and temperatures in the seventies lifted our spirits. The forecast still calls for night temperatures in the thirties, but screens are in place, plants are popping up, and our patio is open for mountain viewing. Hope you’ll join us in our celebration of the season.

Magnolia about to bloom

Magnolia about to bloom

Green grass and gold mop cypress

Green grass and gold mop cypress

A Lag in Our Blog

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

I apologize for the lag in our Ormsby Hill blog. We are very diligent Facebook posters, and we love it because of the immediate feedback. We have never received one comment on this blog. I realize that doesn’t mean it isn’t read, so I will take greater care to post more frequently.

Spring is giving us all kinds of opportunities to indulge our senses. Flowers, bird feeders, and views of the yard make a cheerful setting for breakfast.

"Bird" table set for breakfast

“Bird” table set for breakfast

Cupcakes are our new weekend tradition – always seasonal, and always delicious.


On April 12, this was our outside situation. More than an inch of sleet and snow fell that day.


This is the scene we are waiting for:


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I promise to write again soon.